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Skeleton Skull Sunflowers Tutorial

The wind is rising, 

and the air is wild with leaves, 

We had our summer evenings, 

now for October eves!” (Humbert Wolfe)

October is finally here and to say I’m excited would be an understatement! I was born on Halloween and I’ve always loved all of the fanfare that goes along with this time of the season. Each year we enjoy scouring the aisles of our favorite stores in search of new decorations to add to our collection. However, some of my favorites are the ones that we’ve made together, such as these spooky skeleton skull sunflowers! We couldn’t wait to share this quick and easy tutorial with you to help you get in the spirit.

For this project, you will need:

Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Bagged skulls (We used this 6-piece assorted set from JOANN)
Assorted faux sunflowers and foliage
Dremel with plastic cutting wheel attachment (or any tool that will cut plastic, such as a plastic cutting knife or hacksaw)

1. Select sunflowers and foliage

First, consider how many flowers are needed to fill the vase that you plan to use. We knew we would be placing ours in a large floor vase, so we decided to purchase a mixture of small and medium-sized sunflowers, along with a  few pieces of assorted foliage to help fill out the arrangement. Since this is a Halloween bouquet, the more “dead” or dark the foliage looks, the better.

2. Purchase plastic skeleton skulls

Second, you will need to purchase the plastic skeleton skulls. Make sure that you buy enough to be able to place one in the center of each sunflower. Our arrangement required 5 medium and 7 small skulls, so we bought 3 sets of assorted skull bags from JOANN.  

Similar skulls can be found at Michaels and Walmart

sunflowers and foliage

3. Cut the skeleton skulls in half

Once you’re ready to start working on your project, the next step is to cut the skulls in half length-wise. The goal is to create a flat surface so the skull can easily be glued to the center of the flower. We used a Dremel with a plastic cutting wheel, but you can use any tool that is safe and effective for cutting plastic.

Person cutting plastic skull in half lengthwise

4. Glue skulls to sunflowers

Finally, use your hot glue gun to apply a layer of glue all the way around the back of the skull. Ours were hollow inside, so we applied the glue along the outline of the skull. Press the skull against the center of the sunflower and straighten out any petals that may have gotten caught in the glue. 

Once all of your skulls are glued to the sunflowers, arrange them in your vase. 

Enjoy your spooky skeleton skull sunflowers!

We would love to see your arrangement! Share your photo in the comments or tag us on Instagram or Facebook @dineanddigs

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