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Home Fitness: Peloton Room Reveal

In August we became Peloton owners (yay!!). When our bike was delivered, we had no problem choosing its location: an empty room in our house, affectionally known as “the bonus room.” Now that 7 months have passed without the bike becoming a clothing rack (LOL!) we’ve officially turned the bonus room into a Peloton room.

As part of this reveal post, I’ll be sharing four updates we made that you can easily adapt to your own home fitness space.

First, a little history: The architectural plans for our home show that this room was originally intended to be a pool room, but we don’t own a pool table. We tossed around the idea of making it a sitting room, but that idea never came to fruition. Instead, for the last six years, the room has stayed mostly empty. At times, it became a temporary landing space for holiday storage boxes and items to be donated or sold, but it didn’t truly have a purpose until we bought the bike.

peloton room before picture
The room as it appeared when we purchased our home (we have since replaced the flooring)
For a long time, these two bar chairs were some of the only furniture in the room

The room is part of an open floor plan, so there’s no hiding the contents of this room from visitors! When the bike became the major focal piece, we decided to fully commit and renovate the space. We used the following features to take the space from a boring empty room to an energetic Peloton room.

Mood Lighting

In addition to riding the Peloton, I’ve been a member of Orangetheory (OTF) for 3 years. One of my favorite parts of working out at OTF is the orange lighting. Something about that mood lighting gives me so much energy, so I wanted to recreate that feeling in the Peloton room. LED light bars allow us create the perfect ambiance to fit our mood for each workout. The colors and patterns of the lights can be customized, and the bars are lightweight and can be easily tucked into the corners of the room. 

During the holidays, I enjoyed this "candy cane" lighting theme

Pegboard Storage

One thing you may not realize is that the Peloton membership comes with more than just a bike; there’s a huge library of classes. Everything from barre, pilates and yoga to strength training boot camps are featured. Since we enjoy mixing up our routine, we have accumulated a lot of equipment–yoga straps, mats and blocks, resistance bands, etc. We knew we needed to keep these items together in one place, but we didn’t want it to be obtrusive. As a result, we built this pegboard to be both functional and decorative. (Stay tuned: I’ll be sharing the DIY instructions to build your own pegboard soon!)

Pegboard fitness equipment storage
Unique storage allows the fitness equipment become part of the decor

Light Fixture

Another easy update that we made was switching out the main light fixture in the room. The original fixture (see the before pic at the start of this post) came with our home and is better suited for its intended use in a pool room. Because it hung low, it would get in our way while exercising. We wanted an update that felt more modern and would complement our new decor. We love this white and natural wood LED light fixture.

This simple update makes the room look bigger

Plant Wall

Perhaps my favorite part of our Peloton room is our plant wall. The plants bring in color and energy and effortlessly transform the space. The best part is that these self-watering wall planters and tree planter make it easy to care for your plants: No green thumb required.

The bright colors and greenery give a spa-like feel to the room - perfect for yoga

Overall, these updates are easy to tackle over a weekend or two, but make a big difference!

Peloton room after pic
The room as it appears now

Do you have a fitness space in your home? Share your favorite ideas or leave your questions in the comments!

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