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Create a Mediterranean Patio Getaway in 6 Steps

Since we are all spending a lot more time at home these days, many of us are longing for a change of scenery. What if I told you the solution is in your own backyard? In fact, you are only 6 steps away from the perfect Mediterranean patio getaway! 

This style is inspired by the countries bordering the northern portion of the Mediterranean Sea: Spain, Italy, France, and Greece. However, with the following decorative touches, you can create a Mediterranean patio in any location!

Graphic: 6 Steps to a Mediterranean Getaway

1. Wood, Wicker, or Wrought Iron Furniture

First, a Mediterranean patio is an outdoor living space. Create distinct areas for dining and lounging with wood, wicker, or wrought iron furniture. Add a pergola or umbrella to provide protection from the sun. 

2. Drought-Tolerant Plants and Herbs

Drought-tolerant plants are a staple in the Mediterranean. Arrange potted succulents, agave, bougainvillea, lavender, and rosemary throughout your patio. Furthermore, Mediterranean style is about appealing to the senses. Incorporating flowering vines or trees–such as jasmine or a lemon tree–will provide a pleasant fragrance.

3. Terra Cotta

A Mediterranean patio is not complete without terra cotta! For example, pots, vases, candle holders, fire pits and chimineas can all be found in this brownish-red earth tone. Add visual interest by grouping together objects of differing shapes and textures.

4. Sea & Sky Tones

A Mediterranean decor palette should consist of colors echoing those found in sea and the sky. Shades of blue, red, orange, yellow, and purple are common in this style. For a budget-friendly approach, add pops of color with a few key decorative accents. For example, an outdoor rug, throw pillows, and melamine dinnerware serve as great focal points.

5. Gravel or Tile

Decorative walls and floors in natural earth tones are predominant in Mediterranean design. You can use gravel or tile to create paths and walkways or to add a decorative touch to steps and walls. 

Additionally, installing natural stone tile or glazed Talavera tiles is a great way to instantly refresh the space! I recommend using a slip-resistant porcelain tile rated for outdoor use.

6. Mood Lighting

Finally, mood lighting is an important step for turning your patio into a relaxing Mediterranean getaway! Use wrought iron light fixtures along with candles, torches, string lights, or a fire pit to create an ambiance perfect for alfresco dining or entertaining.

As you can see, it is easy to update your patio to this decorative style! Visit DIY Patio Project Part 2: Decorating to read about how we incorporated these tips in our own patio project.

We’d love to hear about your Mediterranean-inspired patio decor! Leave us a comment or share your photos using #dineanddigs

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  1. Candace

    These are sick beautiful items. I definitely need to work on my patio. Thanks for sharing!

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      Thank you, Candace! I hope you found a little inspiration for refreshing your patio.

  2. Kristin

    I love the terra cotta pots. It’s true I’ve been in my yard so much this year. I am really enjoying the colors.

  3. Emma

    I love Mediterranean plants and herbs! Especially ones you can use to cook with as well

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    This is just so helpful thanks for sharinh