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DIY Patio Project Part 2: Decorating

Since my last post, we have made significant progress on our DIY patio project! Once we finished tiling, we were able to get a much better picture of the type of furniture and decorative accents we wanted to style the space. Of course, like all of our projects, one idea seems to quickly lead to a new project and – before we know it – we are working on multiple things at once.

Initially, our patio was equipped with one power outlet and was also wired for a hot tub (No thanks! It’s rarely cool enough for that here in South Texas), but we decided that we wanted to be able to hang twinkle lights, fans, speakers, and have a place to charge our mobile devices. We also wanted to be able to turn these items on/off independently. Thus, Kyle embarked on a little DIY electrical work —with the help of a neighbor who is an experienced electrician— to convert the hot tub wiring into multiple power outlets. This took about 2 days and was definitely worth the time!

Once we had power, we hung LED twinkle lights with white cords along with a white fan to blend with our cream colored pergola.

We built a wood plant stand and bought a few cute white and terra cotta pots for small plants. We also decided we wanted to remove some of the grass around the patio to add a flowerbed. We took a trip to our local nursery to look for Mediterranean-inspired (and heat/drought tolerant) landscaping and came home with tea roses, almond verbena (these smell amazing!), lavender, Mexican heather, and crepe myrtle.

Being able to enjoy a relaxing dinner on our patio in the evening and have additional space for entertaining guests were a few of our motivations for this project, so we also purchased a dining table and spruced up our existing glider chair with a fresh coat of teak oil. We also added a few additional decorative accents. We noticed that many Mediterranean patios incorporate blue decor, so we found a rug that had a great pattern in a bright blue. Finally, we styled our dining table with the succulent bowl we arranged, and some white and terra cotta candle holders.

After hours and hours of working out in the heat for this DIY patio project, it felt amazing to sit outside and have a nice dinner on our patio and take in the result of all of the work we have done!

Before & After:

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  1. Joyce

    Beautiful table and some effective style tips

    1. Dine & Digs

      Thank you, Joyce! We loved the chevron pattern on the table and chairs.

      We have enjoyed so many meals outside since we finished this project. It’s hard to believe we spent so many years without dining outside at home.

  2. Leah

    Love it! That table is so cute! Looks like a great outdoor entertaining area. The twinkle lights add the perfect touch.

  3. Patio Pavers

    Wow! What a transformation and I just can’t help but notice your patio’s flooring. It’s so gorgeous.