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Closet Remodel

It’s hard to believe that almost half of a year has gone by since my last post! As you can probably relate, with COVID-19 shifting us to remote work, we didn’t have much free time for projects. Now that things are starting to feel a little more normal, we felt it was time to finally launch a new DIY. We are so excited to share our closet remodel with you!

Before the remodel, our closet situation was a nightmare. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:  

Before picture of closet
Before picture of closet
Not even Marie Kondo could help this situation.

As you can see from the photos, the original layout didn’t fit our needs:

  • When you first walked in the door, there was a small, awkward built-in shelf immediately to the left. The height was not adjustable.
  • Closet rods filled the entire left side (top and bottom).
  • The back side had closet rods on top and some short shoe shelves on bottom. Not even a pair of pumps fit in the space.
  • A tall built-in shelf was in the middle of the right-side wall; the height was not adjustable.
  • Storage for folded items was lacking, so we had an old dresser on the right wall.

Step 1: Design

First, we started by taking an inventory of our clothes and measuring our closet. Then, Kyle did some research on closet design services. After exploring a few styles and services, we decided that EasyClosets had the best options and prices for our needs. Their online design program allowed us to drag and drop options, customize sizes, and see a 3D view of how everything would look in the space.

Step 2: Prepare

Once our closet components shipped, we removed the closet rods, built-in shelves, carpet, baseboards, and fluorescent light fixture.

Step 3: Refresh

Next, it was time to start refreshing the space. Since our closet is just a few feet from our shower, we decided that wood-look porcelain flooring would be our best option. We wanted a coastal color scheme for the closet remodel and loved the look of Ardennes Cafe by MSI. After testing a few paint colors and chose Behr Summer Storm (PPU26-22)

Paint Samples and Flooring

…and then there’s the light (one of my favorite things!)! We found a great flush mount LED light fixture that has a night-light feature. I call it the alien light because it looks a bit like a UFO. The regular setting mimics daylight, but the night-light setting gives off just the right amount of warm light to find what you need in the early morning or night hours.

LED Light Fixture

Step 4: Install

Our closet system arrived by freight truck about 10 days after we placed our order.  I wish I had taken a photo of all of the boxes all over our house–there were 37 boxes in total! The package included a design guide with instructions for how to install each component, and everything was clearly labeled and organized. Once we finished our installation, we painted and installed new baseboards and replaced the trim around the entryway. 

Step 5: Organize

Finally, it was time to bring our clothes back into the closet and put the finishing touches on the project! We used Marie Kondo’s “KonMari fold” for all of our clothing in the drawers and on the shelves. At The Container Store, we purchased clear shoe boxes and sweater bins, along with breathable storage bins with bamboo lids to store off-season items like holiday socks and sports jerseys. I used inexpensive paper sorters (less than $5 at Walmart!) to neatly organize my clutches and evening bags. I also found a small clear tray at Target that is perfect for storing odds-and-ends, like styling tape and high heel protectors.

Are you ready to see the dream closet?

After photo
After picture of closet
Closet remodel: Slide-out belt storage
Slide-out belt storage
Closet remodel: Tie storage
Slide-out tie storage
Closet remodel: Slide-out valet bar
Slide-out valet bar

This has easily become one of my favorite projects! I can’t believe how much bigger the space feels. 

Have you been thinking about a closet refresh? Let us know in the comments!

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