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Jell-o Witches Brew Recipe

Halloween week is finally here and I hope you’ve got some spooktacular things planned! If you need an easy dessert to take to a Halloween party or if you’re like me and just want to make your meals a little festive, you’ve got to try this Jell-o Witches Brew recipe!

A combination of 3 ingredients inside of a mini cauldron makes a creepy witches brew.

Jell-o Witches Brew

Ingredients (Makes 9 mini cauldrons)

1 6-ounce box of lime Jell-o
3 cups of water
1 cup of ice
2 cups of Cool Whip
Halloween candy pieces (I used a pack of Wilton candy eyeballs)
9 mini cauldrons (I purchased this set of 12 from Party City for $5)


1. First, pour 2 cups of water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. While waiting for your water to boil, pour the packet of Jell-o into a medium-sized mixing bowl.

2. Next, once your water is boiling, pour into the mixing bowl to combine with the Jell-o. Stir until dissolved. 

3. Third, add 1 cup of cold water and 1 cup of ice to the bowl and stir until the ice has melted.

4. Then, add 2 cups of Cool Whip to the bowl and whisk until it looks smooth and frothy. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes.

This is the consistency that you will need at the end of Step 4.

5. Pour mixture into the cauldrons. I recommend using a funnel to keep things clean and easy. 

6. Decorate with candy pieces and then refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving to allow the Jell-o to set. Note: If you add the candy pieces before refrigerating, the colors might run a bit. This makes for an extra spooky effect, as it looks like they’re boiling in the brew. If you don’t want them to run, you might opt to add them just before serving.

Recipe adapted from Jell-o

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    Interesting recipe that could be adapted for any festive event
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